Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lyle Hess 34ft Falmouth Cutter ASTRID For Sale

Details can be seen at Falmouth Cutter ASTRID For Sale.  She is nearing completion and is absolutely pristine. A rare opportunity to own a new and very special custom boat built to the highest standards in material and workmanship (Launched Nov 30, 2016).

ASTRID is a boat for a person who appreciates Lyle Hess's very capable and seaworthy traditional designs executed with the finest workmanship and detail. The 34ft Falmouth Cutter was the last of a line of cutters designed by Lyle Hess. He counted this design as one of his best and made a number of refinements to the lines.  ASTRID has been built as a cruising boat for a couple who appreciates simplicity and beauty in life and sailing. She has a very comfortable and roomy interior and is built to accommodate taller people with 6ft 7in headroom at the centre line and longer and higher bunks and counters. She has the interior room of most 40 footers. Throughout the build the emphasis was on quality of materials, strength, function, longevity, understated elegance and fine workmanship. She was built without compromise.

ASTRID has been built from a bare fiberglass hull from Channel Cutter Yachts. The decks and cabins have been built using cold-molded building techniques which combine traditional aesthetics with a watertight and strong construction.

Full specifications,  photos and video will be available in the coming months.

Please only serious inquiries can be directed to

$475,000 USD .


  1. If only I could afford it. You have quite the masterpiece. I love the style Lyle put into his boats and you did a wonderful job putting her together. Hope she finds a good home where she'll be well taken care of.

    1. Thanks for your continued support Dan. I first saw a BCC when I was about 17 and really fell for his boats. It has been quite a journey since then. Kaj

  2. Kaj
    A gorgeous boat. Impeccable workmanship. Stunning. The best I have ever seen. Your skills are at the top of the pyramid.

    1. Thank You very much for your kind comments John.